The 1st Meme Coin for Free Speech
in our Galaxy.

Our Mission: Build content with HEADWALK Coins anywhere, anytime and with anyone

You are here, because you know something.

Write your own story and use our payment crypto HEADWALK-Coin for free.

Build content everywhere and share your community with friends & headwalkers. If you are a Headwalker you can share content for free with professionals and create with us the Next Big Thing in the Social Media Cosmos.

We build

a better Social News Network than FB & Twitter


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Phase 1

  • Airdrop Research
  • Website Build
  • Token Deployment
  • Social Activation

Phase 2

  • Token Launch
  • Listing on DEXs
  • 3,333 Headwalker Chosen
  • Social Dominance

Phase 3

  • Platform Build
  • Listing on Coinbase & Co.
  • Free Speech for anyone


Carlo (Italy) CEO

CEO & Founder Carlo from Headwalk worked successfully in the consumer electronics industry for over 20 years. Carlo has been working in the IT world since 2002 and holds various professional diplomas. Carlo is also a big fan of cryptos and new technologies. His ideas are always based on truth and benefit. Freedom of expression and a free Internet without censorship are his principles.

Andy (Brazil) - IT/CTO

Since time immemorial Andy deals with all kinds of  IT-issues coming up in daily life. As CTO of several companies he is the digital force behind Headwalk. Originally from Berlin he is now located in Brazil. Space and time are no boundaries for him.

Betty (Spain) - Content

When it comes to softskills then Betty from Austria comes into play. She wins the hearts of everybody and does everything to keep heads of the staff free, so that we can do our work smoothly. Located in the wonderful Canary Islands she is the lovely soul of Headwalk.


Send us your Solana to the following address and we will send you in return 1,000,000 HEADWALK token per Solana: J1vsgEFkERe6Cfshpif7tWnHyc154wxxgXot1EPBr8ch

We have a total limit of 216,670,000 HEADWALK token in presale.